Why connect with Food?

  • For yourself:  Giving real thought to what we eat can help us make better choices for ourselves, one another, and our planet. If that isn't enough of an incentive, learning about food is also fascinating, fun and delicious.
  • For your business:  Food in Scotland represents a huge, competitive industry, and so thinking critically about how you 'do' food across your organisation can give you a creative edge, as well as boost staff wellbeing, and improve your sustainability credentials. 
  • For education:  Learning about food is a way of understanding the people, places, politics and ideas behind what we eat. Food is a fantastic learning tool for all levels of education and can provide meaningful insight into just about any subject.

Ultimately, there is no reason not to learn more about food. I am happy to tailor learning experiences for individuals, companies or organisations, and to provide consultancy for businesses and educational bodies. 

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Individuals & small groups

If you're intrigued by the culture, science, politics or pleasures of what you eat, I can offer workshops, tasting experiences and producer visits to help you explore the world of food in a positive and thought provoking way. 

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Companies & Organisations

Food is a fantastic way of exploring key issues, solving complex problems, or team building, within all kinds of businesses. Whether you're looking for an inspirational staff development day, or need longer term consultancy to help your organisation, I am confident I can help you.

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Schools & education

Because everyone eats, food is one of the most accessible and meaningful learning tools available. I am experienced in developing engaging learning experiences and innovative curriculums, and would love to help you. I'm also happy to organise 'away days' or workshops for teachers.