Working & teaching with Food educators

Food has endless capacity as an effective learning tool. Not only can everyone relate to food on some level, but when we consider the science of production, the culture of consumption or the politics of trade, food begins to offer a window into the wider world.

Since 2013, I have been developing and teaching the Queen Margaret University MSc Gastronomy - a interdisciplinary study of food culture, science, systems and communications. The programme seeks to challenge conventional approaches to food across industry, policy and education, in part by helping us see the interrelation between different facets of food and human experience commonly considered unrelated - such as farming and health. You can learn more about the programme's philosophy and approach here and on the website at

Working with the Gastronomy programme has been fascinating and has encouraged me to consider how a more holistic understanding of food can be cultivated across education, as well as for 'non-students' outside the classroom. I am constantly seeking to educate myself, and have been observing and practicing innovative and interactive methods of food education around the UK and beyond. I am passionate about sharing this with more people and would love to contribute to your organisation or programme, either as a visiting lecturer or by helping you develop your own curriculum. 

Whether you're at the point of brainstorming, market research or delivery, if you are looking to develop your food educational offering, get in touch to discuss how I might help. 

Consultancy & curriculum design

Charlotte has guided us through curriculum development for our food education programs as a true expert. She has helped us deepen and focus our vision while prompting us with important questions and providing thoughtful feedback along the way. With her support, we’ve produced material that will bolster our programs today, tomorrow and long down the road. Not only is Charlotte a terrific coach, but she’s a warm and graceful individual with invaluable insight. I’d highly recommend her services to other individuals, businesses or educational institutions.
— Henna Garrison, Programme Director at Anna Tasca Lanza Cookery School, Sicily

Building a ground oven as part of a day's workshop for food educators.

Building a ground oven as part of a day's workshop for food educators.

Work with food educators

While I am not a teacher trainer, my work developing the Gastronomy programme has given me many opportunities to work with educators across sectors, and I have really enjoyed helping them consider new approaches to learning and teaching about food. 

I have co-ordinated away days for food educators and spoken to primary and secondary teachers about food educational philosophies. I've also worked with community growers and non-profits to help them develop their approach to food-related outreach. 

Learning about wild foods by cooking together. 

Learning about wild foods by cooking together. 

Contributions to your programme

Getting students tasting, talking and thinking critically about food is an immensely engaging form of education. I am happy to help you construct or facilitate workshops and experiences for your students, or to coordinate field trips. I am also an experienced lecturer and public speaker, and happy to talk to staff or students on a range of food related topics; from food systems issues to foraging.

If you are looking to develop your food educational offering, or are interested in having me contribute to your programme, please do get in touch.