Ella Hashemi

 - Programme & Regions Director

Staff development for The Orchard Project, June 2018

A thought provoking workshop full of nourishment for all the senses! Charlotte and Will were sensitive facilitators, creating a beautiful space tailored to our passion for orcharding. I left feeling curious to delve deeper into the enquiries they guided us into about how we live out our identity through food rituals, the power and universality of food, and the link between biodiversity in nature and food diversity and quality. And all topped off with a sumptuous lunch, cider tasting and a foray into the world of pickling fruit! A very nourishing day

Aoife Behan

 - Head of Food

Staff development for Soil Association Scotland, April 2018

Charlotte ran a bespoke course for our team, as part of an away day at Newton Walled Garden near Edinburgh. We are a charity working on a daily basis to deliver food programmes in schools and care homes across Scotland in addition to campaigning for policy change. Charlotte put together a day-long session which allowed us some space to consider food in its widest sense and what it means for how we deliver our work. The day was excellently put together and provided the perfect balance between big questions and daily practicalities of food. The lunch was excellent, and the team really appreciate hands on opportunities to reconnect with the soil. I cannot recommend Charlotte and her courses highly enough for anyone that is working to deliver food system change or indeed anyone that eats!

Henna Garrison

- Programme Director

Consultancy for the Anna Tasca Lanza Cookery School, Sicily, 2018

Charlotte has guided us through curriculum development for our food education programmes as a true expert. She has helped us deepen and focus our vision while prompting us with important questions and providing thoughtful feedback along the way. With her support, we've produced material that will bolster our programmes today, tomorrow and long down the road. Not only is Charlotte a terrific coach, but she's a warm and graceful individual with invaluable insight. I'd highly recommend her services to other individuals, businesses or educational institutions.

"The workshop more than met my expectations. I thought the venue was gorgeous, instantly calming and cosy, and Charlotte and Anna were both really welcoming, chatty and generally lovely.
I was blown away by Anna's knowledge of herbal medicine and her ability to answer any question with oodles of info in a really accessible, clear way... I definitely feel a bit more plugged in to the history/culture of wild food now.
Words can't describe how immensely delicious, interesting, and beautiful that lunch was, made all the better by sharing it over interesting and inspiring conversation with a great group of people!"


wild seasons

22nd April, 2018


wild seasons

22nd April, 2018

"It was a luxury to have a small group to work with - felt intimate, we had a chance to hear from everyone and get to know each other a little.
Anna was a great teacher , very knowledgeable and clear about plant identification, culinary /medical uses, chemistry, history & folklore. It was wonderful to be able to see the plants in the garden just outside the door and then, 30 mins later, be eating them in the most beautiful and delicious dishes that one just relished."

"This was learning in a relaxed informal stimulating and thought provoking environment. The small group was comfortable and enabled focussed discussion incorporating the participants background, expertise and opinions. The venue is, as always, most warm and welcoming. Snacks and lunch are a reason to attend on its own. Charlotte, you are as knowledgable, interesting and encouraging as teachers come!"


Food Fundamentals

21st April, 2018

"Really difficult to fault the day; easy, relaxed yet informative style, wonderful setting and fantastic food. Clearly thought out and evidenced where necessary, both thought-provoking and inspiring. Essentially felt like a wonderful lunch with friends, which I guess was in part down to the dynamic of the group. Some others might look for more closure/finality on the subject, but such answers are hard to find in such a complex and multi-faceted area, so I feel it’s just the nature of the beast. Thank you for a fantastic day."


Food Fundamentals

21st April, 2018


Food Fundamentals

4th March, 2018

"This course exceeded my expectations! I found the history of sugar fascinating, and enjoyed exploring the subject of food in more depth and from a range of perspectives.

Charlotte is a great tutor - her enthusiasm for Gastronomy is obvious and her honest, down-to-earth approach to teaching potentially challenging subjects is really engaging. Her practical and varied teaching methods helped facts 'stick' a lot easier in my mind and brought the topics to life. I felt like a learnt a lot in a very short space of time and it left me hungry for more!"


Food Cultures (Fermentation)

24th Feb, 2018

"Charming location and passionate people. The workshop was fun and interesting in a very enjoyable atmosphere, ideal for people that knew something about fermentation and wanted to dig more into it and others, like me, who didn’t know much at all. We tried lots of different fermented food/drinks and made our own fermented vegetables - the part I enjoyed the most, all followed by a good laugh in a very relaxing environment."


Wild seasons - Winter

28th Jan. 2018

“Lovely day spent in an inspiring environment, with great people and conversations... Walked away with many ideas. Looking forward to the next workshop!”


Food Cultures (Fermentation)

28th Oct. 2017

"The event was great. Part hands-on workshop and part informal round-table chat, it was really informative, involving, and fun. The day was structured, and varied in a very useful and interesting way. I can’t think of any way you could have improved it!"

"It was really fun, very well researched and super-informative. I would absolutely recommend this to others, and will definitely come to another course!"


Food Cultures (Fermentation)

28th Oct. 2017