Wild Seasons: Summer - Sun. 1st July

“I was blown away by Anna’s knowledge of herbal medicine and her ability to answer any question with oodles of info in a really accessible, clear way. Super brilliant practical knowledge too, like how to tell the difference between cow parsley and hemlock, which no one had really had the confidence to tell me before, leaving me scared of even trying to forage anything in that family. Now I’ll (carefully) go a’ gathering! I definitely feel more plugged in to the history/culture of wild food now.”
— Max, Wild Seasons: Spring, April 2018

£65 per person - 8 spaces available. 
Lunch, refreshments & all materials included.
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In this series of four workshops, wild plant and herbal remedy expert Anna Canning underlines the implicit connections between food and wellbeing, and demonstrates how and why to identify, gather, transform and enjoy wild ingredients. Each session will also introduce you to relevant wildcrafts, traditions and lore - all important knowledge that bring us closer to the natural world.

Summer Workshop:
Although summer can sometimes be elusive round these parts, the delicious abundance provided by nature makes up for a sometimes disappointing lack of sunshine. This is a wonderful time to explore wood and hedgerow with the family and get familiar with the wild larder around us.

Skills you can expect to learn:
- plants as food and medicine for resilience and self-care;
- safe & sustainable wild harvesting;
- traditional ways to harness midsummer flower power

Flavours you can look forward to:
- aromatic, calming, invigorating

This event will be held at the beautiful Newton Walled Gardens at Millerhill just outside Edinburgh - a privately owned space recently made available for food growing and education. Car-pooling and pick-up from nearby public transport can be arranged.

The day will begin with refreshments and a welcome from Anna. We will be outdoors for some of the day (no matter the weather, so dress appropriately). Lunch will be served indoors around 13:00, before wrapping up at 14:30.

All refreshments, lunch, tools and materials will be supplied. Please specify any dietary requirements in advance.